It is getting quite obvious to many that the HIV=AIDS=DEATH hypothesis is no longer tenable. There is too much data indicating the contrary. Many people know about this, as evidenced by a recent discussion we followed on the Internet, but medical orthodoxy does not want to hear about such "heretic" ideas.

an e-mail from P. of 20 June 2002:


The reward for proof of the existence of HIV has been greatly increased.
Alex Russell, a former assistant editor at Continuum Magazine, is offering
$100,000 for photographic proof that HIV exists. Details of the offer can be
found at

Speaking to Alex recently, he said that in his long-running campaign to
bring to light the fraudulent nature of the AIDS industry, not one single
major player from that industry has yet come forward to claim the money -
this despite the fact that the offer has been personally posted to them,
including Robert Gallo, Luc Montagnier, Antony Faucci of the US National
Institutes of Health and to all other leading AIDS establishments across the
world. All he wants is a photograph and a scientific paper.

If you have the photograph that proves HIV exists, then write to Alex at

Response from T.T. of 21 June 2002:

Dear P. - and others,

I do not have a photograph that proves that HIV exists !
Thanks, P. for mailing this info !

Is it not more than a decade ago that Luc Montagnier drew back the theory of
Hiv being the cause of Aids ?

I remember that in the 1990's some scientists found that in 10% of the Aids
dead they could not find any trace of Hiv.
Have anybody heard more about this ?

I should also very much like to see proof of the Hiv theory, after working
with Aids patients for more than ten years and witnessing hundreds
(including friends) die from "Aids" after they suffered from being heavily
poisoned with huge quantities of drugs with a lot of side effects destroying
the last bit of qauality of life.

I still remember:

- every Hiv positive or Aids diagnosed taking between 13 and 20
pills/capsules a day; never getting any better - always worse with cancers,
dementia, neuritis, candida, toxoplasmosis, cryptosporidia, diarrhoeas and

- how virtually no Hiv- or Aids patient dared say no to the recommended drug

- the "Retrovir" drug being given to all Hiv positive in massive doses in
the 1980's that were later considered much, much too high,

- the many Hiv- and Aids sick taking very expensive anti fungus drugs (£ 200
for a small bottle - paid by taxpayers) to treat their candida, while nobody
told them that in order to stop the candida they could avoid taking sugar or
drinking milk, so they litterally starved to death,

- the many patients with very painful neuritis - a side effect of the
protease inhibitor drugs - not being told they could avoid the pains if they
just took a good portion of vitamin B's,

- all the Hiv- and Aids patients automatically being offered Prozac and
Fontex, so that the system did (still does) not have to pay for
psychological therapy.

And I remember how we the workers got fired in 1998 from taking care from
the Hiv-, Aids- and cancer patients, because "the hospital system could not
afford both the care AND the medicine" - so the care was cancelled.

Many of my personal friends left this way, so please keep me informed on
this subject!

Kind regards,

T. T.

a response from L. of 22 June 2002:

Dear T.T. and P. ,

Thanks for writing on this subject.
I spent many years working with quite a large number of people who were HIV
using psychotherapeutic techniques.
All stayed well for many years and resisted drug treatment though all had
treatments such as acupuncture and some , though not enough, nutritional

In each case this began to fail when their last close friend died.
These friends not being part of the treatment program. At that time,
not too surprisingly, each individual succumbed to their loss and grief and
ceased to resist the pressure put on them to take the drug treatments on
offer. They all became very sick before very long and are now all dead. I am
sure you have seen this many times. Of course I do not know for sure what
would have happened if they had not taken the drugs but but I do know of
some people, second hand, who have resisted and are still, years later,
doing OK.


another comment from D. of 22 June 2002:

About the HIV reward:

Prof. Peter Duesberg wrote a good article about the existence of the HIV virus.
He should have received the reward but it was not paid out. I think the anti HIV
people should watch out not to become dogmatic like orthodox medicine by
resfusing to look at the contrary evidence. To me the question of HIV is really
irrelevant. Prof. Duesberg, Dr. Clark and many others have proven beyond any
doubt that HIV is not causing AIDS, so why even bother??



another comment from J. of 23 June 2002:

Thank you D. for your comment.

as you say, the question is largely irrelevant, as HIV, even if it does exist, is not
causing anything. The whole bloody syndrome is an operation from the start to
the end, mixing fact with fiction, so as to

- get rid of some undesirables (gays, large part of the black African population)

- sell highly toxic medicines for horrendously outrageous prices

- milk public health budgets for research funding and medicines sales

- instill fear in people to cut their reach and communication.

It really has nothing to do with health and everything with controlling people.

Kind regards


and finally an interesting link about the subject:

just in case you do not know this website about the Aids issue:

Great information, but I fear you already knew this site.