Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer was born in 1935. He obtained his medical degree at the age of 24. In the meantime, he had succeeded theology studies and followed two years of physics. He worked for several years in the hospitals of Tübingen and Heidelberg and specialised in internal medicine in 1972. Concurrently, he invented and patented several surgical instruments. In 1978, he constituted, together with his wife Sigrid, also a doctor, and their four children, a family without particular problems.

The tragedy occurred on August 18, 1978, when his son, Dirk, is hit by a bullet in his sleep and dies four months later. He himself develops a testicular cancer at that time, what he did only understand three years later, when he started his research. This terrible event in his life was, indeed, the starting point of his discoveries: the relation between a dramatically experienced shock and cancer. His wife could not overcome the sufferings of this loss and died in his arms in April 1985, after several diseases.

He started his work in the beginning of the eighties; works which never ended … just as the inquisition of the official environment. But these troubles, Dr. Hamer understands them very well in terms of economic and ideological stakes and of power impregnating medicine as much human activity sectors are. He publishes his first important book in 1981. Seven years of multiple observations, reflections and synthesis end in the "FOUNDATION OF A NEW MEDICINE", a voluminous work of 700 pages, abundantly illustrated, published in 1988. But hostility had already culminated: lifelong radiation in 1986 for refusing to renounce to the iron law and to convert to classical medicine, decision ratified by the Federal Constitutional Court for presumed intellectual debility.

Having also to escape the numerous attempts of psychiatric internment, he is still the object of a blackout in the media or of criticisms distorting his affirmations. His rehabilitation attempts have always aborted because, for those having condemned him, they imply a serious examination of the value of his discoveries; and this notwithstanding the regular national and international verification proofs brought by researchers and practitioners.

Today, with the courage of his convictions and the passion for truth, he goes on deepening and spreading his work having become an essential heritage for the art of curing.

Article taken from "Understand one's own disease"