White House Commission on Alternative Medicine Says Alternative Medicine Should be Supported More

The US Government does not have a history of supporting Alternative Medicine. Much the opposite, it has been fighting any progress in this field for the benefit of the money hungry pharmaceutical industry.

Slowly, we may be seeing a change. A White House Commission on Alternative Medicine has investigated the field of Alternative Medicine and comes to the conclusion that CAM (Complementary and Alternative Medicine) has become increasingly more important in the past years and should be promoted further by the Government through the following means:

You can read the full story here:

As much as I tend to distrust Government when it comes to medicine (and a couple of other things), I think these recommendations are sound and could change much for the better for Alternative Medicine, if they are carried out as proposed. As you can imagine, the "quackbusters", headed by psychiatrist Stephen Barrett, were extremely unhappy with the outcome of the Commission's work.