Naturopathy Made Illegal in Florida -- Threat for Other States

Bill HB 591, which was accepted in Florida in 2000, makes any practice of naturopathic medicine illegal. While the area was unregulated for many years, this bill requires that people practicing a health care profession without a license get a minimum fine of $1000 and one year in prison.

So what, in Florida, is defined as practicing a health care profession? The law defines it as "the use and practice of psychological, mechanical, and material health sciences to aid in purifying, cleansing, and normalizing human tissues for the preservation or restoration of health, according to the fundamental principles of anatomy, physiology, and applied psychology, as may be required. Naturopathic practice employs, among other agencies, phytotherapy, dietetics, psychotherapy, suggestotherapy, hydrotherapy, zone therapy, biochemistry, external applications, electrotherapy, mechanotherapy, mechanical and electrical appliances, hygiene, first aid, sanitation and heliotherapy"

As you can see, pretty much anything could be considered "practicing a health care profession" under this law -- even giving first aid! It opens the door for arbitrary prosecution of anyone in the field. Meanwhile, there are only 6 licensed naturopaths left that were licensed under an old law before 1959....

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