From Dr. Clark Association' newsletter of July 2002

Thimerosal Vaccine Issue Coming to a Head

Law suits are popping up like fungi all over the US against companies producing child vaccines containing Thimerosal, a mercury based compound. Dr. Hulda Clark says mercury is like a master toxin that is more dangerous than other toxins. Boyd Haley, toxicologist, says about this compound: "It is absolutely one of the most toxic substances I know of". The Government (CDC, Center for Disease Control) did a study about the effects of mercury on children and concluded that a little over 60 mcg of mercury increased the chance of autism by 2.5 times. A child receiving the custom vaccines would have 200 mcg of mercury -- and the rate of autism has gone up by 40 times in the last 15 years. However the study was not released. A study released later based on the same raw data concluded that the mercury did not have substantial effects -- a researcher who reviewed the data said it is impossible that any intelligent person rearranged the data as they did without purposely committing a cover-up. The data that the FDA relied on to claim Thimerosal's safety was from 1929, where it was injected into 22 people dying of meningitis and "no change was observed".

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