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Tetrahedron Publishing Group
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for People Around the World

No. DITA-78

CDC Advances Totalitarian Legislation Under Guise of "Public Health": Forced Drugging and Injections Are On The Horizon

Sandpoint, ID-Attorneys commissioned by the Centers
for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta
have advanced health policy legislation that
dramatically suspends civil rights in case of a
declared biological emergency.

The "Model State Emergency Health Powers Act,"
according to the Boston Globe, would give public
health officials and states governors the
power to arrest, transport, quarantine, drug, and
vaccinate anyone suspected of carrying a potentially
infectious disease.

The "model legislation," issued on Halloween, is
certainly no treat. The Globe reported that authors
Lawrence O. Gostin, a professor at Georgetown
University Law Center and Director of the Center for
Law and the Public's Health, and James G. Hodge of
John Hopkins University worked to balance the
need to control disease with protecting individual's
civil rights, before the newspaper promptly, and
suspiciously, removed the article from its website.

The Globe report provided conflicting statements
concerning the right people had to "appeal states'
decisions to quarantine or isolate people against
their will.

As cited in the 40-page official document, the law
is said to give state public health authorities
virtually absolute dictatorial powers, with little
chance of legal recourse for interned individuals.

The bill's definition of a "public health emergency"
is highly subjective. Under the law, one case of
smallpox in a public school could trigger authorities
to urge a governor to declare a state of emergency.

Once declared, the U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights,
and most cherished civil liberties will be
immediately suspended in addition to states
declaring ownership of private properties. The
controversial legislation, that many feel reflects
totalitarianism or fascism, may be downloaded

Under the "Mandatory Medical Examinations" section
(502) of the law, persons refusing to submit to
medical examinations and/or testings are liable for
misdemeanors and forced isolation.

If public health authorities suspect individuals may
have been exposed to broadly defined infectious
diseases, or otherwise pose a risk to public health,
officials may issue detainment orders. In the case of
an urban attack, or even one suspected, thousands of
people could possibly be marshaled into isolation
camps, according to the law.

In this case, physicians, assisted by police, will be
required to perform state medical examinations and

Under the law, "infectious diseases" are very
broadly defined. An infectious disease may, or may
not, be transmissible from person to person, animal
to person, or insect to person.

Isolation regulations in the law provide The State
with power to commandeer private properties wherein
individuals deemed infected, or exposed, might be
housed under quarantine.

Section 504 of the Act details vaccination and
treatment protocols. Following these mandates, public
health authorities may compel people to be inoculated
and/or drugged with any medicaments selected by The
State. Individuals refusing to be vaccinated or
treated would be liable for a misdemeanor,
subject to police arrest, isolation or quarantine.

The "model legislation" exempts The State, its
political subdivisions, including the Governor,
public health authorities, the police, or other State
officials, from liabilities associated with the death
or injury to persons, or damage to property, as a
result of complying with, or attempting to comply
with, the Act.

Furthermore, "Section 807" repeals existing state
laws that are in conflict with the Act.

Under this part, for instance, previous laws
granting medical, religious, or philosophical
exemptions to vaccination would be repealed.

Said to have been under development for more than a
year, with provisions taken from legislation already
passed in California and Colorado, critics suspect the
motives behind these "draconian" policies may be less
than pure. "I question just how threatened the powers
that be are by the populace waking up en masse to
alternative health care,"

Ingri Cassel, president of Vaccination Liberation,
said. "More and more people are saying no to
allopathic medicine, vaccines and worthless or risky
medical tests."

Pointing to Congressional hearings that cited serious
injuries and issues stemming from "mandatory"
vaccinations, Cassel said, "Instead of making
progress, this legislation would force toxic
vaccines and pharmaceuticals on the public without any

Dr. Leonard Horowitz, a Harvard trained public
health authority and consumer health advocate
announced on the "Insight Hour" on Worldwide
Christian Radio what America's Founding Fathers said
in the face of even lesser injustice, "When in the
course of human events, it becomes necessary for one
people to dissolve the political bands which have
connected them with another, and . . . whenever any
Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends
[of Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness], it is
the Right of the People to alter or to abolish
it, and to institute new Government, laying its
foundation on such principles and organizing its
powers in such form, as to them shall seem most
likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. . . .

"The American constitution says it is our duty, 'to
throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards'
for our future security. The history of the present
public health system is a history of repeated injuries
and usurpations," Dr. Horowitz concluded. "It's time
to assert our sovereignty and rights under one God in
following Gods laws rather than the lunacy of man's
laws, including this 'model' CDC legislation."

Accurately predicting these draconian "public
health" measures, Dr. Horowitz dedicated his
prophetically titled book, "Death in the Air:
Globalism, Terrorism and Toxic Warfare," (Tetrahedron
Publishing Group; 1-888-508-4787 released in June,
2001, to the "army of healthcare professionals,
allied academicians, and research scientists whose
humanitarian motives made them highly
susceptible to 'behavioral management' and who -
like good 'Manchurian candidates' - unwittingly
commit murder and genocide in the name of 'public
health.' May this book serve to break the spell under
which they operate."

"I wrote this book, and included its extraordinary
documentation to prove to my colleagues in public
health that they have been completely hoodwinked, and
worse, have been made unwitting accomplices in a
depopulation agenda largely directed by the CIA.

Since April 2000, the CIA has overseen all of
HIV/AIDS science, and following 9-11, the agency has
been running virtually the entire government and
affecting public health policies," Dr. Horowitz said.
"We need to soundly defeat any public health policy or
authority that intends to violate the Nuremberg Code
and force people to submit to
state ordered vaccinations, which given accumulating
scientific evidence, is really medical experimentation
and pharmaceutical genocide in the economic, if not
political, sense."

Ms. Cassel, Dr. Horowitz and others, urge the
following public response to the CDC's advanced
"model legislation:"

1) Start your day with a meditation and/or prayer,
asking for Divine interventions to soften the hearts
of our misguided "leaders."
Visualize a mass spiritual awakening that
will empower people to thwart any effort to violate
their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual

2) From, link to "Elected net"
to direct your harsh feelings and concerns regarding
this legislation to your legislators and other
government officials.
Ask them to provide you with proof, the hard
scientific data that shows that vaccines they are
proposing to inject people with, such as the new
smallpox vaccine, has been proven safe AND EFFECTIVE.
They will not be able to do this,
since it doesn't exist. This is the strongest way to
deliver the most important point-we are not dealing
with "public health" here, we are dealing with
financial, political, and even genocidal agendas.

3) Write letters to the editors of your local
newspaper relaying this information. Call talk radio
stations and share your concerns with listeners about
this dangerous legislation.
Forward this news release to everyone in your email

Thank you!

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