BSE is not a transmissible disease

Elk amd deer form of BSE existed in America before the British epidemic:

New variant CJD was never new and never variant it has always existed:

Researchers: Parish A.  Parish B.

It has been scientifically determined that various forms of spongiform brain diseases such as BSE are transmissible. We claim this analysis was reached as a result of incorrect interpretation of the evidence. We have discovered that all forms of spongiform encephalopathies are endogenous similar to Alzheimer's disease,and are not transmissible even under abnormal experimental conditions (1). When researchers claim that BSE is being transmitted, it is actually and literally being induced (2). The incorrect use of the word transmission to describe induction can be seen clearly by examining the dictionary definition of the two words. It is also incorrectly described as an infection. There can be  no infection without a virus or bacteria, as there are neither  it is actually  a poisoning. A poisoning cannot produce a  transmissible disease but it can be transplanted from one animal to another and made to appear transmissible .(3) (4) One can inducea broken leg but it would not be described as being transmissible.

Transmission is an illusion.

Proof that all spongiform diseases are produced endogenously has been confirmed by animal research.

When cats,mice,sheep,pigs,goats,monkeys,etc.,are experimentally inoculated with BSE, they die of BSE (2), yet all naturally occurring forms of spongiform disease when microscopically examined have a species specific recognisable  pattern. When a different genotype is used to donate the feed or inoculum it produces what is referred to by SEAC as the "Donor specific effect" (2) a mouse  with induced BSE for example (2) produced a mutant form of BSE as the induced poison is simply being transplated from the donor to the recipient as these articles (3) (4) clearly demonstrate. 
To achive the true disease for each species the donor must be of the same genotype as the recipient.

Thus the constant "donor specific effect" prove the disease is not transmissible to other species.


All forms of spongiform disease currently categorised as transmissible (2) are in fact, rock solid, fixed to each species. The whole theoretical transmissible risk to man was based on this unfortunate major scientific blunder. All research interpretations based upon it are flawed, null and void, as it is not a transmissible disease.
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(2) Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathies. SEAC. London HMSO. September 1994.p 62


(4) Brown P., Carleton Gajdusek D., Gibbs C.J Jr., & Asher D.M. (1985) Potential Epidemic of Creutzfeldt Jakob Disease from Human Growth Hormone Therapy, The New England Journal of Medicine, Sept 19, 1985, p728
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