Important results and conclusions for the valuation of fluoridation
Rudolf Ziegelbecker
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Dear All, In the following items I am listing important results and conclusions for the valuation of fluoridation:

  1. Dental caries is not a disease from lack of fluorine. Dental caries has other causes.

  2. There is no fluorine lack in the human body, at most a fluorine surplus.

  3. There is no "optimal" dose for fluoride.

  4. The "harmlessness threshold" of 1 ppm fluoride constructed by fluorine proponents is wrong.

  5. Already at 1 ppm fluoride in drinking water produces visible dental fluorosis in about 16% of the persons affected. That is a permanent damage done to the enamel and the first visible sign of fluorine intoxication.

  6. Fluoride is not an essential trace element. It occurs in the human body like many other not essential trace elements.

  7. Fluoride is ineffective against dental caries and unapt for caries prophylaxis.

  8. After the stop of drinking water fluoridation in different states of Europe there was no "tide of caries" as predicted by the fluoride proponents and their societies but on the contrary a clear decline in dental caries.

  9. The reasons for caries differences in fluoridation studies are others than fluoride including bad design of experiments and statistical artifacts.

  10. After ten years of drinking water fluoridation the increase of dental caries rate in children with water fluoridation is significantly higher than without fluoridation.

  11. Fluoride does not "harden" the enamel. Dentists claim of "enamel hardening" is physically wrong. High fluoride concentrations (local fluoride applications) etch the enamel, decalcify it and soften it de'structively.

  12. Children with dental fluorosis tend to aplasias of the upper incisors I-2 as an early stage of lip-jaw-palatine-clefts.

  13. The permanent tooth eruption is delayed by fluoride.

  14. Easily water-soluble fluorides attack the gastric mucosa.

  15. Sodium fluoride inhibits blood coagulation, i. e. it promotes bleedings.

  16. Readily water-soluble fluorides are strong enzyme-, cell- and cumulative poisons. They inhibit numerous enzymes already in relatively small concentrations (e. g. liver enzymes) and block the glycolysis preferredly in the cardiac muscle.

  17. With healthy people about half of the fluoride intake is excreted by urine and faeces, with sick people (suffering from kidney disease) and with old people less. Readily water-soluble fluorides (e. g. NaF) are excreted over the urinary passage, water-soluble fluorides of low solubility (e.g. CaF2) are excreted by faeces.

  18. The other half of the fluoride is stored mainly in the skeleton and disturbs the skeletal metabolism. The fluoride content of the skeleton increases with age and with the level of fluoride intake, the citrate content decreases simultaneously. The skeleton ages earlier. Fluorosis is a recognized occupational disease.

  19. Increased fluoride deposition in the skeleton leads to multiplied water incorporation and thus to corresponding loosening and higher chemical vulnerableness of the submicroscopic crystal structure. The quality of the skeleton deteriorates, the fracture healing is disturbed.

  20. Increasing concentration of NaF in drinking water of adult male BALB/c mice produces an increasing share of chromosome breaks in bone marrow and in spermatocytes.

  21. In the USA along rising natural fluoride contents in drinking water a significantly rising number of mongoloid children per 10.000 births from mothers under 40 years was stated. The share of mongoloid children of mothers from artificially fluoridated areas (1 ppm) was clearly higher than the share of mongoloid children from areas that were naturally fluoridated.

  22. Experiments with different experimental and wild animals showed that with rising fluoride concentration in their food the fertility and the breeding of the progeny decreased and later generations were disturbed. Along with rising fluoride contents in drinking water a significant decrease in the natal rate and an increased infertility of women was stated.

  23. Between the cancer death rate and the fluoridation rate in the USA there exists a statistically highly-significant dependency over a period of 22 years (1949-1970). Further there exists a significant relation between the number of the additionally fluoridated persons and the increase in cancer deaths in the same year in the USA 1951-1970. In the city Basle (of Switzerland) the share of female cancer dead in the female population had practically constant from 1950 -1962 (for 13 years). After introduction of water fluoridation in the year 1962 the share of female cancer dead in the female population rose significantly with the following 21 years 1963-1983.

All fluoride preparations recommend by dentists and doctors under the aspect of the alleged caries prophylaxis should be eliminated and forbidden in view of their ineffectiveness against dental caries and their proved possible side effects in order to protect the people.

Rudolf Ziegelbecker

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